To those of you that actually read this I am sorry I haven’t been posting or creating chic, exciting things on my lilly pad!  Work has made me a worrywurt (<2 words?  I’m not sure lol) and haven’t had time to style really except on my Youtube!  So thankfully I’ve updated my Youtube page links so you can catch up on some vids there.  My plan to invest in a camera did NOT work either so I’m still communicating through the world via YouTube!  A part of me thinks if I switch over to a MAC desktop it would make my life a LOT easier in terms of editing videos and getting if up and ready efficiently!

Anyways enough boredom! Lately I’ve been in a “thrifting” kinda mood and the sad fact is there are no decent thrift stores here.  I’m thinking about hitting up this new, big Goodwill down the road but who knows what I’ll find there?  The days could not come faster till June because I’m SO OVER April and May.  Kudos to my cousin graduating in 2 weeks!  Can’t wait to get with the extended Chicago fam and you will be in for a REAL shopping treat off the Chicago scene 😉  I don’t think Zara is ready for Camille to hit the clean, city streets!

I wanted to share some other exciting news in my start/stop jet-setting life as well!  Mother just booked a girls (more like sister) trip for a week’s vacay in Hawaii!  Super stoked about that because I can finally use my lonely one-piece swimsuit and other caftans & tunics that have been collecting dust!  This’ll be my first time in Hawaii (and I’m sure not the last :P) but I think it’s just what I need to get off the stressful career scene.

So at least I have those two destinations to look forward to but till then I’m on the job grind.  Stay positive and as always, uberCHIC! 😀

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