Josie Maran Argan balm review

Found online or in-store at your local Sephora

So Sephora describes this moisture rich balm as multi-tasking and a neutral solution for dehydrated, dry skin. I’ve had the pleasure of testing it out for a couple weeks now so I’ve gathered my thoughts, tribulations, and experiences so I can share with you! If you do not know what “Argan” oil is (it’s okay because I did not at first haha), argan is kinda like Moroccan oil! Does that ring a bell now? Moroccan oil came on the market a several years ago and just exploded on the market for their silky hair results!

But getting back to the balm. The argan balm is said to seal in hydration and offer nourishment to really anywhere on your body! I bought this $40 jar (yeah kinda pricey) because you can lather it on your legs, arms, and even hair! It’s meant to remedy split hair ends and wherever you feel you need relief from dryness. I most recently used it on my lips tonight because I forgot my lip balm! So it’s great for that too.

The product is 4.6 oz which is a lot for a skin saver! So much waxlike substance in a circular container! A good comparison as to what it looks like to the naked eye is a candle. I was hesitant at first because I wasn’t sure upon purchasing if the wax formula wouldn’t be moist enough. In my past experiences with skin products usually in such an enclosed container with no air opening, the product tends to be too dry to the point where you can’t even use it.

I think it’s travel friendly as well because it’s not a liquid substance and easy to throw in any bag or luggage for your excursion! On a day-to-day basis I wouldn’t advice keeping it in your purse as it is too big or bulky. The argan balm is about the size of my palm just to give you an idea…

Overall I do appreciate supporting eco-friendly brands like Ms. Maran because a part of me feels like I’m giving back to mother nature herself! Josie Maran prints “luxury with a conscience” on everyone of her products as a constant reminder to consumers that she supports makeup made out of the purest and natural of ingredients. Good job Josie!!

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