Kat Von D Triple Threat Tattoo Liner Review

Contains 3 felt tip pen sizes

I know I’ve been MIA for the past month but I feel confident that the new theme design and colors I selected for my blog will give me the confidence to push out more styling tips, reviews, and videos for YOU! 🙂 Anyways..the review. This was my first purchase from the Kat Von D brand label and going in, I heard that Kat’s eyeshadows and lipsticks were trustworthy but heard nothing about her eyeliners. I figured that since she is a skilled and talented tattoo artist I should just bite the bullet and try them out at least! Sephora is the exclusive retailer for most of her products (I think?) and that is where I bought it, as part of my birthday present to myself! HAH

For the longest time I was looking for a good, thick, DEEP black eye liner that wouldn’t smudge or bleed. LONG LASTING is the most vital factor for me when I consider buying different eyeliners. I feel like Kat Von D is a good standard combination for those characteristics! The trio pack comes in 3 tip sizes ranging from thin, to medium, to extra thick. I don’t have a favorite because I alternate each day as to what mood I’m feeling! It’s cute because each size has different labels:

Saint: Achieve the thinnest line possible.
Sinner: Achieve the thickest line possible.
Poetica: Intricately molded chiseled tip like a fountain pen back in the old days!

This product has gotten a lot of flack for the unnecessary inclusion of the 3 sizes saying, they’re not all that different and one can just change the thickness with the flick of the wrist! Well, my friend, there is a difference! Why compromise the easiness of an eyeliner when you can have the convenience of all three at your fingertips! Besides for the price of one tattoo eyeliner why not just get 3-in-1?! Sephora lists it as $39 whereas just one for the same thing costs $18! That’s almost half. If you want to save money in the long run it’s a no-brainer!

I’m so happy because it’s lasted me two months and not an ounce has dried upon application. I think it’s part of Kat’s eyeliner formula that she prides her felt tips in being so long lasting for any eye shape. Make sure to store the pen caps downward and tightly in a neutral environment to get the most usage!

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