I don’t know about you guys but it’s been a while since I’ve seen a decent fashion show. Well, a beauty pageant isn’t EXACTLY a fashion show but it’s pretty darn close! Stay tuned tomorrow night at 9pm on NBC to see which lovely lady of the 50 states is crowned Miss America 2012! Last year’s winner was Alyssa Campanella from California and she competed in Miss Universe (but sadly could not represent the red, white, and blue till the death :(. I may be a little biased towards Ms. Georgia peach haha but shouts out to her! Here are some glossy photos I found with the most high fashion look! Good luck to all the beautiful souls 😀

Miss Alyssa during the talent portion contest of the 2011 show

Miss California in some mardi gras spirit!

the West coast queen in a trendy photoshoot

the esteemed Miss USA crown sought by many

gorgeous rainbow array of gowns!

This year’s CA contestant, Natalie Pack, looking fierce!

Miss Nevada looking very Kardashian-klan like

dresses by Sherri Hill

Barbie robots lining up at none other than the Trump tower

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