Style Strategy book review & thoughts

golden front cover & author

The Style Strategy is a small, yet elegant, fashion help book designed to give some direction and organization on one’s wardrobe. Nina Garcia, infamously famed Project Runway judge, writes her strategy on selecting personal style without breaking the bank (well, not too much). The above picture is Ms. Garcia, Jennifer Aniston look-a-like and all, in one of her many, solidly-chic plain sheath dresses.

On PR the show portrays her as an un-reachable, devil-ish figure with lavish and exquisite taste. And while this may be true of the runway judge, Nina relates to the fashionably-challenged public in a short and witty manner commentating on fashion 101 throughout the ages. (For some reason I noticed lots of Civil War/ WWI/ WWII mentionables in there lol).

But I found myself pushing through fashion rules that I already knew prior to being a fashion student, because her interpretation on dressing well this day and age was refreshing. She wants to bring out the best and brightest, most creative, YOU! Instead of dictating what to wear to various occasions, she states updated ways on how to transform the classics…much like she does living in the dog eat dog world of Manhattan.

The book is well orgaized planning out three distinct sections:

I. What you have
II. What you need
III. What you want

Each chapter is broken down into further detail of course and there was never a dull moment. Between the high fashion illustrations by Ruben Toledo and inserts from Tim Gunn I found myself turning pages, eager to finish the book. Now, I’m not saying this is the best fashion masterpiece but for $3.99 at TJMaxx you can’t get a better deal on styling tips than that. The glossary provides listings of the best vintage shops in major metropolitan cities and websites worth perusing your fashionable buck! From one bargain shopper to another, I’d say that’s money well spent on an investment coffee table book.

“When you are surrounded by what makes you happy your creativity is heightened” -Unknown

All dressed up and nowhere to go…

Rachel Zoe does purple

I feel like that title post is the story of my life right now. As much stuff as I have from accumulating shopping trips do I have events to go to? No…guess I’ll just have a fancy soiree in my room. Everyone’s invited! Bahahahahahahaha

Lately I’ve been craving a purple suit or rather, violet suit and this one’s from Rachel Zoe! I have yet to own anything from her line since she turned stylist to designer. Preen has a richer, hue of purple suit that I would die for! Course all finer fabrics come at a price $_$

To top off such a statement color I wanted to keep the accessories minimal. I just ordered a ribbon necklace off of Hautelook like the one shown here! (Except mines red/ coral/ orange family not black). But I am loving this CC Skye kinda bulletted gold necklace. I got the Monique Lehsman necklace for a steal! $33.

And since we can’t walk around barefoot I googled Fendi platform heels and thought these peeptoes would go nicely. I am all about the hidden sexiness and unexpected details and I love the inverted FF symbol by the toe box! The artwork around the heel is divine as well, resembles a hot, fiery rainbow!

The Return of VH1’s Single Ladies

hot ice cream, anyone?

As I’m sipping my moroccan mint tea and it’s nearly midnight, I cannot contain my excitement for the 2nd season of Single Ladies. This, ladies, is like, my second fave show after the death of SATC. Maybe it’s the hot fashion, maybe because it takes place in HOTlanta, or maybe because it’s a direct reflection of my “single” life that I’m literally getting hot flashes over here. Either way I highly suggest you sit your booty down and watch a single episode! HAH pun intended…

But you WILL get addicted like me. And it’s not corny or cheesy either like I thought it would be at conception! I love the relatable material to the 20/30 something age range, not to mention the cast’s drop dead gorgeous wardrobes. Enough blabbing. Here are some promo photos and favorite moments from last season below! N’joy 🙂

KILLER dress. De la Renta? Dior?

Mr. Sexy Dancing with the Stars-Levy!

token blonde

On the Wendy Williams show

Pink Party

the beginning

Work clothes every girl should own

This an extensive shopping list that I hope to fulfill throughout my professional work career.  Trying to step up my New York game and buy more black!! LOL  In order to be treated with respect you must dress the part!  As you know in the industry image is everything…

1. Black and brown flat, chic, day sandals

2. Neutral folio pad complete with the essentials (calculator, nice pen, business card compartment)

3. Rain gear!  You never know what the weather will be like but we can hope for the best and expect the worst.  Slim umbrella with leather bound handle and Hunter rainboots!

4. Mint green cashmere scarf<<my favorite color!

5. Cartier LOVE collection rose gold bracelet

6. Silver squared watch

7. Pearl studs or a single white pearl necklace

8. Burberry looking trench coat with black leather sleeves

9. Dark leather zippered wallet

10. Blackberry Bold 9900

11. Lanvin wedges

12. Classic work tote bag for easy, shoulder access

13. Black boyfriend blazer

14.Two tone colored flats

15. Light nude peeptoes

16. Stuart Weitzman patented round Platswoon pumps