June Chicago trip weekend

HOLLA all my loving lillies!! I finally have a few great quality pictures from my four day getaway from the haystacks! I’m sure I’ll add more pix as the lighting gets more attractive #instagram XP All the outfit details will be captioned in the wardrobe changes 🙂 For now I hope you all enjoy and comment in the empty boxes below. Thanks ya’ll and happy hump day!

highly recommended Italian restaurant, folks! in the Evanston village…

Dress for success! 😉

W118 by Walter Baker tweed blazer, ZARA top, ZARA lace shorts, Poppy clutch, Leslie Danzi teardrop earrings

The fam bam. We rock at graduations.

Had to.

Us knuckleheads love a good glass of Pinot or Riesling.


Simply Vera by Kohls dress, Hollister belt, Poppy clutch, stacked arm candy…

My Lola is so fly. And so are my hawt LAMB heels.

Gone with the Wind.

the sole Asian place for the most extensive BOBA tea menu.

by the dunes…or the lake?…or the beach. Just near Evanston…


These Sbicca nude wedges lasted me 2 rounds of nonstop dancing and 2 dinners..to say the least.

All dressed up and nowhere to go…

Rachel Zoe does purple

I feel like that title post is the story of my life right now. As much stuff as I have from accumulating shopping trips do I have events to go to? No…guess I’ll just have a fancy soiree in my room. Everyone’s invited! Bahahahahahahaha

Lately I’ve been craving a purple suit or rather, violet suit and this one’s from Rachel Zoe! I have yet to own anything from her line since she turned stylist to designer. Preen has a richer, hue of purple suit that I would die for! Course all finer fabrics come at a price $_$

To top off such a statement color I wanted to keep the accessories minimal. I just ordered a ribbon necklace off of Hautelook like the one shown here! (Except mines red/ coral/ orange family not black). But I am loving this CC Skye kinda bulletted gold necklace. I got the Monique Lehsman necklace for a steal! $33.

And since we can’t walk around barefoot I googled Fendi platform heels and thought these peeptoes would go nicely. I am all about the hidden sexiness and unexpected details and I love the inverted FF symbol by the toe box! The artwork around the heel is divine as well, resembles a hot, fiery rainbow!

Graduation Outfit #2

If you read my last blog post on what to wear to a graduation as an attendee you’re in for a treat! Tonight I wanted to comment on a cute and classic look fit for any graduate no matter the age level. Let’s start from the top.

For the hair I wanted to keep it simple and I love a beehive hair style because not only does it give you height, it’s elegant and so 1950s! Just be careful putting on and off your cap :p

I chose a sophisticated color combination that is timeless and age appropriate for all! A strapless, black and white gingham printed dress with a black sash keeps the focus on YOU!

The accessories is the fun part. I’ve always dreamt what it would feel like to wear Chanel jewelry and doubling up cascading Chanel pearls with the iconic C’s is a grand statement! All eyes are on you so why not LOOK the part?

Betsey Johnson makes darling accessories and my faves of hers are the rings! You can find both of these statement rings at Macy’s. Not only do the colors compliment each other but they’re in the same leopard family!

Lastly the shoes. I stumbled across these Pour La Victoire sideways stacked heel in a neutral color. So from the front it looks like any adorable peeptoe but turn sideways and you’ll be getting looks like you were Lady Gaga. I can’t get over how different and unexpected these shoes are combined with the overall style! Thoughts?

conGRADS! You did it 🙂


WORK what ya momma gave you!!

A part of me is reminiscing about my Winter graduation; I think it’s all those happy times we all so longingly hold onto. For those of you who are graduating or will be graduating in the near future, not to fret! Cos I created a little Polyvore- type look of sorts of what yours truly will be wearing to my little cousin’s impending graduation.

Things to keep in mind if YOU are not the one graduating:
1. It is not your day and beware because the graduate may be bridezilla.
2. Dress down, but not too down! Think daytime cocktail party.
3. Wear shoes to withstand long periods of time. But if you’re like me, to hell with that and still wear heels!
4. It would be nice to coordinate outfits for photos?
5. If the school you are at is your alma mater then feel free to represent your colored school, patriotic spirit!

Dress: Simply Vera by Vera Wang online exclusive red&black sheath
Heels: L.A.M.B. black strappy sandals
Bracelets: Tory Burch wrap & Gorjana wraplet
Earrings: Alexis Bittar gold textured hoops
Sunglasses: Balenciaga cat eye black glasses


To those of you that actually read this I am sorry I haven’t been posting or creating chic, exciting things on my lilly pad!  Work has made me a worrywurt (<2 words?  I’m not sure lol) and haven’t had time to style really except on my Youtube!  So thankfully I’ve updated my Youtube page links so you can catch up on some vids there.  My plan to invest in a camera did NOT work either so I’m still communicating through the world via YouTube!  A part of me thinks if I switch over to a MAC desktop it would make my life a LOT easier in terms of editing videos and getting if up and ready efficiently!

Anyways enough boredom! Lately I’ve been in a “thrifting” kinda mood and the sad fact is there are no decent thrift stores here.  I’m thinking about hitting up this new, big Goodwill down the road but who knows what I’ll find there?  The days could not come faster till June because I’m SO OVER April and May.  Kudos to my cousin graduating in 2 weeks!  Can’t wait to get with the extended Chicago fam and you will be in for a REAL shopping treat off the Chicago scene 😉  I don’t think Zara is ready for Camille to hit the clean, city streets!

I wanted to share some other exciting news in my start/stop jet-setting life as well!  Mother just booked a girls (more like sister) trip for a week’s vacay in Hawaii!  Super stoked about that because I can finally use my lonely one-piece swimsuit and other caftans & tunics that have been collecting dust!  This’ll be my first time in Hawaii (and I’m sure not the last :P) but I think it’s just what I need to get off the stressful career scene.

So at least I have those two destinations to look forward to but till then I’m on the job grind.  Stay positive and as always, uberCHIC! 😀

New acrylic acetate nail polish rack!

Here’s part 1 of 2 nail polish organization racks I’m getting in for my close to 100 nail polish collection! I ordered it off Amazon for about $50 not including tax. I believe the seller is from KJ Beauty store or something rather. There wasn’t a free standing one solely to hold 100 nail polish tubes so I had to split it into 2. This one holds 72 more or less and I’m waiting for the other rack which holds 36. By no means am I bragging about my collection I have amassed. I know there are dedicated nail gurus out there that take this seriously! Enjoy for now 🙂