About Me&Contact


1. I can’t stand overalls or any play on the sort.

2. I’ve never had acrylics on my nails (or toes).

3. In high school I had a pixi hair cut with blond streaks in the front.

4. My Chinese zodiac sign is the year of the horse #presents?? 😛

5. My favorite designers are BCBG, Halston, Phillip Lim, and of course, Chanel.

6. My dream wedding dress consists of one-shoulder with a sweetheart neckline and fitted midsection, followed by a mermaid train.

7. Sex and the City is my all time favorite movie. Don’t judge. And I’m definitely a Carrie (in all aspects).

8. Eyelashes make the outfit complete.

9. My go-to MAC lipstick is Blankety.

10. One trend I will not follow? Pajama Chic.

11. and Crocs are ugly and there is nothing more to it.

12. I have 65 pairs of shoes…and growing.

13. My favorite accessory is my Blackberry Torch.

14. If I could have lunch with a famous couturier it would be Philip Treacy.

15. The most fashionable food item? Anything with truffles (& champs). Oh and creme brulee or cheesecake for dessert!

16. If I could time travel and pick an era to live in, 1950’s America or 17th century *royal* France would be nice.

17. After mint green my favorite color is red.

18. Three words that describe my style: eclectic, chic, playful

19. Bermuda shorts should only be worn in Bermuda.

20. One day I hope to own my own apparel & accessory boutique partnering with an in-house chic nail salon.

21.  Ever since I was little I go by my middle name instead of my first name.

22.  Is there anything cuter to go shopping in than a pastel colored Beatle convertible?




Please email for serious styling consultation, product reviews, and video requests.




One thought on “About Me&Contact

  1. Camille! I’m so glad I’ve found your blog. What an inspiration and so good to see you’ve started your fashion dream! You’ve always had the best taste and the most chic of them all at UGA! Best wishes to you on your endeavours 🙂 I shall pass your blog to others!


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