Chameleon Color Beauty


June weather has been unkind to Georgians..I don’t even feel like it’s Summer! It’s more like fall, rainy, October temperature 😦 #timetobreakouttherainboots.

Not quite sure if it’s hurricane season but it sure feels like it. So Hurricane Beryl prompted me to do a makeup tutorial last week since his nasty torrential rains hit! The thing is, my video editing software won’t cooperate so I just took a picture of the eyes for ya. The whole tutorial got erased!! GRRRR but will provide a list of the products used down below. OH before I forget I also saw an ad for this eye look in a spring issue of Instyle so you at least have that to reference! Thanks for reading sugarpie honeybuns!!

‘Beryl’ <> affecting the Southern coastlines

They’ve pretty much ran out of names this day and age but here I AM. In 1969. LOL

Bare Minerals be a force of beauty ad campaign

My take on Bare Mineral’s contrasting blue&gold look.

Eye products incorporated:

MUFE gold aqua liner eye pencil
MAC Prussian powerpoint eye kohl
Creative Me palette #1 (BH
Kat Von D Triple Threat eye tattoo liner
Estee Lauder angled crease brush
Crown deluxe pointed crease brush
BH Cosmetics flat shader C brush
Estee Lauder definicils mascara

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