My top 5 fashion icons as of late

“Fashions fade but style remains the same…”- I forget who said that but I’m pretty sure it was YsL or Coco Chanel or one of those Parisian ladies! No it’s not the host of NBC’s Fashion Star…but when I think of who I look to for fashion inspiration there are a glamorous few. I used to think eclectic style meant weird color combinations that were for the “retro” ones. But now I embrace my eclecticity because I love combining prints, colors, and patterns!

The five FABulous ladies I chose that made the cut do just that. Their style is eternal (in my book) and they always mix high, couturier looks with lower-ended fashion. They’re a bit chameleon-ic if you will; like me! 😀 Especially that Camilla Belle girl who you’re all probably wondering, ‘Who’s that chick?’

1. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. Have always adored their styling (and books, videos, interior collections when I was little) and you can always find them front row!

2. Jennifer Lopez. Come on she was on Extra! top 10 fashionable icons as their number one spot so that speaks for herself. But no, I’ve also looked up to her as a multi-cultural mogul and she’s just so sexy!

3. Rihanna. Not the old “Umbrella” RiRi but moreso Louder cover and beyond. She can pull off any hair color, music, and still stays true to where she came from.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker. She had me at her first pair of Blahniks.  I love how untamed her natural, curly hair is and can wear any crazy or classic thing and still look normal.  And that to-die-for wedding dress in the first SATC movie?  Yum. Vivienne Westwood + fascinator!

5. Camilla Belle.  Not the greatest actress on the Western hemispher but hey, whatever gets you noticed by Karl Lagerfeld! Maybe I like that we share the same name or maybe it’s the stature. But either way she’s mature for her age and looks fantastic in Dior!

Who makes the fashion cut on your list?