The Return of VH1’s Single Ladies

hot ice cream, anyone?

As I’m sipping my moroccan mint tea and it’s nearly midnight, I cannot contain my excitement for the 2nd season of Single Ladies. This, ladies, is like, my second fave show after the death of SATC. Maybe it’s the hot fashion, maybe because it takes place in HOTlanta, or maybe because it’s a direct reflection of my “single” life that I’m literally getting hot flashes over here. Either way I highly suggest you sit your booty down and watch a single episode! HAH pun intended…

But you WILL get addicted like me. And it’s not corny or cheesy either like I thought it would be at conception! I love the relatable material to the 20/30 something age range, not to mention the cast’s drop dead gorgeous wardrobes. Enough blabbing. Here are some promo photos and favorite moments from last season below! N’joy 🙂

KILLER dress. De la Renta? Dior?

Mr. Sexy Dancing with the Stars-Levy!

token blonde

On the Wendy Williams show

Pink Party

the beginning