All dressed up and nowhere to go…

Rachel Zoe does purple

I feel like that title post is the story of my life right now. As much stuff as I have from accumulating shopping trips do I have events to go to? No…guess I’ll just have a fancy soiree in my room. Everyone’s invited! Bahahahahahahaha

Lately I’ve been craving a purple suit or rather, violet suit and this one’s from Rachel Zoe! I have yet to own anything from her line since she turned stylist to designer. Preen has a richer, hue of purple suit that I would die for! Course all finer fabrics come at a price $_$

To top off such a statement color I wanted to keep the accessories minimal. I just ordered a ribbon necklace off of Hautelook like the one shown here! (Except mines red/ coral/ orange family not black). But I am loving this CC Skye kinda bulletted gold necklace. I got the Monique Lehsman necklace for a steal! $33.

And since we can’t walk around barefoot I googled Fendi platform heels and thought these peeptoes would go nicely. I am all about the hidden sexiness and unexpected details and I love the inverted FF symbol by the toe box! The artwork around the heel is divine as well, resembles a hot, fiery rainbow!

Graduation Outfit #2

If you read my last blog post on what to wear to a graduation as an attendee you’re in for a treat! Tonight I wanted to comment on a cute and classic look fit for any graduate no matter the age level. Let’s start from the top.

For the hair I wanted to keep it simple and I love a beehive hair style because not only does it give you height, it’s elegant and so 1950s! Just be careful putting on and off your cap :p

I chose a sophisticated color combination that is timeless and age appropriate for all! A strapless, black and white gingham printed dress with a black sash keeps the focus on YOU!

The accessories is the fun part. I’ve always dreamt what it would feel like to wear Chanel jewelry and doubling up cascading Chanel pearls with the iconic C’s is a grand statement! All eyes are on you so why not LOOK the part?

Betsey Johnson makes darling accessories and my faves of hers are the rings! You can find both of these statement rings at Macy’s. Not only do the colors compliment each other but they’re in the same leopard family!

Lastly the shoes. I stumbled across these Pour La Victoire sideways stacked heel in a neutral color. So from the front it looks like any adorable peeptoe but turn sideways and you’ll be getting looks like you were Lady Gaga. I can’t get over how different and unexpected these shoes are combined with the overall style! Thoughts?

conGRADS! You did it 🙂

My top 5 fashion icons as of late

“Fashions fade but style remains the same…”- I forget who said that but I’m pretty sure it was YsL or Coco Chanel or one of those Parisian ladies! No it’s not the host of NBC’s Fashion Star…but when I think of who I look to for fashion inspiration there are a glamorous few. I used to think eclectic style meant weird color combinations that were for the “retro” ones. But now I embrace my eclecticity because I love combining prints, colors, and patterns!

The five FABulous ladies I chose that made the cut do just that. Their style is eternal (in my book) and they always mix high, couturier looks with lower-ended fashion. They’re a bit chameleon-ic if you will; like me! 😀 Especially that Camilla Belle girl who you’re all probably wondering, ‘Who’s that chick?’

1. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. Have always adored their styling (and books, videos, interior collections when I was little) and you can always find them front row!

2. Jennifer Lopez. Come on she was on Extra! top 10 fashionable icons as their number one spot so that speaks for herself. But no, I’ve also looked up to her as a multi-cultural mogul and she’s just so sexy!

3. Rihanna. Not the old “Umbrella” RiRi but moreso Louder cover and beyond. She can pull off any hair color, music, and still stays true to where she came from.

4. Sarah Jessica Parker. She had me at her first pair of Blahniks.  I love how untamed her natural, curly hair is and can wear any crazy or classic thing and still look normal.  And that to-die-for wedding dress in the first SATC movie?  Yum. Vivienne Westwood + fascinator!

5. Camilla Belle.  Not the greatest actress on the Western hemispher but hey, whatever gets you noticed by Karl Lagerfeld! Maybe I like that we share the same name or maybe it’s the stature. But either way she’s mature for her age and looks fantastic in Dior!

Who makes the fashion cut on your list?

Rock of Ages~Chicago edition

Rock on…Tom Cruise?

The above promo image is of the movie set to release in a few short weeks! If you are not familiar with ROA, sorry for party rockin’! JK hahaha but all jokes aside..I’m pumped because my mom and I have tickets to see the broadway musical in Chicago 🙂 Nope, not New York but Chi-town! When I asked my aunt which musicals were showing in the Windy City she said this one. I really had my eye on Evita but that wasn’t showing 😦 Post living in New York I’ve been dying to see the Rock musical ever since!

Now I have the chance and I’m pretty sure I’ll be clueless the whole time they’re singing 80’s beats but that’s OKAY! What I lack in eighties culture I’m sure someone will be jiving in the theater seats. But do you know what I’m MORE excited about than previewing the musical? Putting my edgy rocker spin on something floral! Feast your eyes on my outfit I plan to style for the return of classic rock and turn up that Aerosmith! BD

What do you think? What would you do differently?

Blazer: H&M asymmetrical lapel neutral blazer
Top: Parker python cutout blouse
Bottoms: Paige floral denim capris
Shoes: Cynthia Vincent “Juno” black espadrille wedges
Jewelry: pile on those bracelets!
-Tiffany Co. Rubedo metal rose gold cuff
-Cartier gold skewed nail cuff
-Dailylook mixed rose & gold spiked bracelet
-CC Skye gold studded bracelet
Clutch: Urban Expressions black sweetheart

Turn up the music and blast the speakers in the house!